Best Free Antivirus Software

Free antivirus software is a great option if you’re on a tight budget, but want to protect your device from the latest ransomware and malware threats. Free antivirus software typically employs the same malware scanner engines as their paid counterparts, however, they do not have extra tools that provide complete protection online, like a virtual private network (VPN) and password manager and parental controls.

The best antivirus software for free will provide real-time malware detection and protection. This means that the software actively detects and blocks malware when they attempt to download or sneak onto your computer. In the past, this kind of protection was only available to premium subscriptions, however it’s now popular among free outliers.

The best free antivirus software should also include an easy VPN and password manager, at least for a trial period. McAfee for instance, provides a free trial for 30 days for its top-of-the-line package. This includes all premium features such as protection for websites and ID theft protection.

Finally, the top antivirus software for free should be simple to use. The majority of the brands on our top picks come with user-friendly dashboards, easy-to-use features, and good customer service. There are also mobile apps that allow you to scan and protect your Android or iOS devices. Additionally, the top free apps are licensed for use on just one device as opposed to paid versions that offer family-friendly plans as well as business tools.

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